19 September 2013

[Fshare] Adobe Captivate 7.0 (32 bit) - Phần mềm biên soạn elearning hàng đầu

Adobe Captivate 7 - solution for creating professional training materials and courses. A wide range of tools to create and edit interactive demonstration programs, podcasts, screencasts, games and lessons.

Program Title: Adobe Captivate
Software version: 7 (Build .0.0.118)
Developer: Adobe
Website Developer: Adobe Captivate 7
Language: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Portugues (Brasil)

Key features:
A screen capture of any application: a record of all actions, including mouse movements and keyboard set.
Editing created videos in HD-quality: transitions, captions, insert other video picture-in-picture.
Easily create tests and questionnaires, as well as evaluation of results.
Professionally designed templates with the ability to edit.
Export text in the XML format for easy localization.
The new version adds new tools for creating interactive courses:

Drag-and-drop. Drag and drop modules that can be used to create interactive games and quizzes.
Support for streaming video from YouTube with a choice of individual fragments of records that are suitable for the current project.
Built-in web browser, providing access to resources.
Extended library of interactive elements.
Notes. During the course, students can add notes stickers right next to the material.
New features Adobe Captivate 7:

Enhanced support for HTML5 content, and direct conversion of PowerPoint documents into HTML5 while maintaining all of the images, shapes, sounds, and other elements.
Support accessibility standards for people with disabilities.
Improved tools for recording, editing and synchronizing the audio track.
GIFT format support for creating surveys.
The ability to export rate in applications for different platforms.
Editor for mathematical formulas and equations.
Integration with Twitter, which eliminates interaction with the audience on a new level.
By purchasing Adobe Captivate 7, you get a powerful tool for interactive learning using scenario modeling, inspection and testing of knowledge, training simulations.

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