31 May 2011

[Ebook] Everything Kids’ Sharks Book

Grab your wetsuit and goggles-it’s time for a deep-sea adventure with The Everything Kids’ Sharks Book! Explore the world of these underwater giants through tons of puzzles, exciting shark facts, and do-it-yourself activities. You’ll learn all about the skills sharks need to survive in dark ocean waters, why their body shape helps them move, how they hunt for food, and what it takes to fend off enemies!
Using The Everything Kids’ Sharks Book, you’ll:
  • Decode words to find answers to fun shark riddles

  • Search the ocean floor to uncover a hidden treasure

  • Wind your way through shark-infested mazes

  • Rearrange puzzle pieces to make pictures of your favorite sharks

  • Unscramble clues jumbled by sneaky sharks
    Packed with fun games, exciting projects, and cool experiments, The Everything Kids’ Sharks Book will have you scouring the ocean for endless adventure!

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