7 July 2011

[Ebook] The 2011 Baby Names Almanac

The Hottest Baby Name Trends, Lists, and Forecasts

An instant snapshot of how the world today is shaping the name you may choose for your child tomorrow, The 2011 Baby Names Almanac is jam-packed with information and trends, plus thousands of names to browse. Here's a sneak peek at the ideas, forecasts, predictions, and suggestions you'll find:
Why some names are a lot more popular than you think (Carly, Tristan)
The cutting edge names on the rise (Kellan, Serenity) and the superhot names cooling fast (Miley, Kaden)
The crossover pop culture names that will be moving to the cribs of tomorrow (Pandora)
Just how many Isabellas and Jacobs are out there
A look at whether popular unisex names like Riley are used more for boys or girls
The hottest names in your state
The girls' name that jumped more than 675 places on the top 1000 names, and the boys' name that can't shake a 902 ranking