27 July 2012

[Ebook] Chicken Soup for the Soul - A Christmas Treasury

Christmas is truly a magical time of the year. The smell of fresh pine fills the air, the taste of hot apple cider tantalizes our taste buds and sparkling lights brighten our homes. Yet despite these sensory sensations, it is the thing we cannot see or smell or taste or touch that affects us most deeply: the spirit of love and giving that is the true meaning of Christmas.
Now you can foster this holiday spirit with those you love, by sharing with them the first-ever Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury, a timeless collection of stories that celebrate the magic of the season. In this special volume, you'll find some of the most treasured gems from previous Chicken Soup books plus a wealth of new stories from real people who share with you their most cherished holiday moments – from the humorous to the hopeful, from the sentimental to the silly, from the memorable to the truly miraculous.

A sea captain is saved from certain death during a winter storm because of his daughter's practical gift; a young girl shows an aimless drifter the importance of being home for the holidays; Robert Fulghum muses about poinsettias and pageants; Dave Barry shares the humor in putting up the perfect tree; Joan Wester Anderson reveals how an unexpected blessing proves to a woman that she isn't alone; and one father's gift to his sick daughter not only heals her, but graces future generations with one of our most beloved holiday poems.

These stories and so many more will fill your heart with the profound joy that Christmas brings. Share this special holiday keepsake with those you love.

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