12 November 2015

[Fshare] DK One Million Things

One Million Things: A Visual Encyclopedia

Publisher: DK Children
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 978-0756638436
Number of pages: 304
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 113MB

From School Library Journal
Grade 5 Up—When you're a kid, you think that bigger is better. Machines, buildings, ice-cream cones—they're all better with an increase in dimensions. DK has put together a visual encyclopedia that runs with the concept of cramming a million bits of information into one volume. The book is not 300 pages of arbitrary fact. There is an organization to the madness. Arranged in sections from nature to nutrition, the human body to technology, people and places to art and culture, the breadth of subject matter is impressive. Vital to the operation are the photographs. This may be the single largest collection of pictures kids have ever seen in one place, and each page shows as much as it tells. Readers can open it up, discover something new, and enjoy. A quality selection for most collections.

Product Description
Inside is a stunning, comprehensive visual encyclopedia featuring gorgeous photography that not only illustrates, but educates. This encyclopedia is driven by its striking imagery that brings more than one million things to light. It is a crucial addition to homes and classrooms alike.

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