12 September 2011

[Ebook] Kusudama: Ball Origami

Not the best Rating: 3 The instructions are fairly clear and easy to follow, but I was disappointed with the end products. They just weren't very interesting or attractive. I was also disappointed to find that many of the models required glue and/or string to attach the units together. I would recommend "Origami Ornaments : The Ultimate Kusudama Book" over this book any day. Summary: Good introduction to decorative unit origami Rating: 5 Makoto Yamaguchi has provided a good, solid book for introducing the novice folder to the glories of unit origami, while still providing a challenge to the more experienced folder. Clear instructions are always a challenge in origami, but I have used this book from the day I bought it without frustration or boredom. Do not be deceived by the drawings and photographs: the finished products are strong and beautiful! My only complaint with the book is that the paper chosen for the examples is not the most flattering to the models. Each piece I have built has been much more attractive than its picture. Add a small touch of imagination, and the models in this book provide endless possiblities for producing beautiful ornaments for yourself and your friends.