10 September 2011

[Ebook] Making gifts in polymer clay

Crafters will make sweet little gifts -- and have fun doing it -- as they page through this new book and find themselves creating delightful, smiling, cartoon-like character pins, magnets, buttons and decorative figures. This title is unique in its delightfully cheery and chuckling character -- the signature smiles that represent the favorite "look" among polymer clay crafters, especially those just beginning to work in this medium. At their side is one of the best polymer clay artists creating this whimsical look, Stacey Morgan. Each character has a loveable and knowing grin. After introductory techniques are demonstrated, projects continue throughout the season. There are 25 step-by-step projects that can be completed in one sitting without a lot of fuss. These cartoon originals, easily crafted by children and adults, are sure to give a chuckle or smile that wasn't there before and are perfect for gift-giving year round.