11 November 2011

This Book Made Me Do It

Knowledge comes in all shapes and sizes, and This Book Made Me Do It celebrates it in all its vastness and variety. The reader will learn not only how to make a barometer, but why barometers matter, and how to use them to forecast weather. Readers will be provided with clear step-by-step instructions on everything from hacking their gadgets and toys, to making clouds in bottles, and creating music from the most surprising of everyday objects. There is something here for the hobbyist, the amateur, or just the fantastically curious. Because of the range of activities in this book, it will appeal not only to children but to the whole family.
The educational value of How To Do Everything is well hidden behind its simple approach. Practical applications of reference subjects from physics and chemistry to natural history and the arts will lure even the most reluctant learner to discover amazing things about the world around them. There is much discussion today on the need for children to learn how to think, how to create, and how to work not only independently, but in groups. This lively and engaging book through its clarity, levity, and well-researched information will keep readers of all ages busy learning, making, creating, hacking, thinking, and doing for a very long time.