13 December 2012

[Fshare] Same or Different (Preschool Ages 4 - 6)

This 64-page Same or Different workbook helps preschool children learn to identify colors and write color words. Little learners also practice the names and characteristics of basic shapes. To compare and contrast the items in the activities means looking for details - a critical reading readiness skill -  and determining “same” or “different” requires focus, concentration, and reasoning. Bold, whimsical illustrations and easy-to-follow formats and directions ensure success. With a pencil or crayons, and perhaps just a bit of coaching from you, your child will work and learn for many happy hours.

Fun Features & Benefits
• Playful, eye-popping illustrations
• Parent Guide with tips inside front cover
• Certificate of Achievement inside back cover
• 64 pages of activities

Skills: same or different; compare and contrast; eye-hand coordination; focus; concentration

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