24 December 2012

[Fshare] DK Space: A Visual Encyclopedia

Space: A Visual Encyclopedia
DK Publishing | 2010 | ISBN: 075666277X | 256 pages | PDF | 32.03 MB

From planet earth to the far reaches of the universe, this encyclopedia provides the opportunity for readers to explore space. Information is divided into nine sections, beginning with “Observing the Universe,” which covers a definition of space, a history of viewing the stars, telescopes, and observatories. Other chapters include “The Violent Universe,” “Solar System,” “Earth,” “The Moon,” and “The Sun.” “Liftoff” features information on space shuttles, satellites, and rockets. “Humans in Space” discusses our exploration of the universe (animals in space, space stations, and the future of space exploration). A final “Stars and Stargazing” section describes stars, other solar systems, and what you can see in the night sky. Within each section, topics are examined on two-page spreads featuring a typical DK layout: title, large-font introductory paragraph, several medium-sized-font paragraphs of supporting information, and numerous photographs with captions that provide additional details. Though there is plenty of detail to keep would-be astronauts engaged, the illustrative material is obviously the highlight of this volume. The stunning full-color photographs and visuals, courtesy of NASA and high-tech telescopes from around the world, show detail and clarity. This work will find popularity with space enthusiasts and browsers alike, although report writers will need additional research sources if focusing on only one topic.

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