29 August 2013

[Fshare] Draw Now - 30 Easy Exercises for Beginners

Draw Now - 30 Easy Exercises for Beginners
2009 | English | 96 pages | PDF | 7,2 MB

Artists aren't born. They're made!
Think you can't draw? Think again! Decode the mysteries of realistic drawing with the 30 simple and fun exercises inside Draw Now.
Developed during 20+ years of successful teaching, Ruth Little's exercises begin with a pencil and a piece of paper and take you through the drawing process step by step. Follow these easy exercises to create believable pictures while learning the good habits that will lead to a lifetime of beautiful drawing. You don't need expensive materials or drawing experience - your desire to draw is enough!
30 easy exercises including:
Create Blind Contour Drawings
Draw in Perspective
Discover Negative Space
Use Value to Create Texture
Create Gesture Drawings
and more!
Transform yourself into an artist with these simple exercises and start drawing today. With Draw Now, all you need is a pencil.

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