1 December 2015

[Tenlua + Fshare] English Course: Magic Happy English 01 - 52: ebook + CD + DVD

With "Magic Happy English" children can play with funny characters of BBC movies while learning English words and phrases. Nursery rhymes, poems and songs make learning the language even easier, and at the same time enjoyable. 

 DVDs are designed specifically for children. Combine learning and fun, encouraging children to be active language through song, repetition and fun. Footage, carried out by the British BBC, including the excellent nature photos and other documents. Funny texts contained in programs which are hosts and announcers Mike May, a reporter Rex crazy stories and other colorful characters will motivate children to work with different levels of ability. 

Video courses for children aged 3-15. 

Odd Numbers: Book with DVD-Video: 
Audio languages: English, Polish, Czech, Slovak Subtitle languages: Polish, Czech, Slovak Book languages: English, Polish 

Even Numbers: Book with CD-ROM: 
Program languages: English, Polish, Czech, Slovak Book languages: English, Polish Minimum System Requirements: CPU 1.6 GHz or faster, OS Win XP/7 32 bit, CD-ROM x32 or faster, Screen resolution 1280 x 960 or higher

Số 1, 3, 5...: ebook kèm DVD
Số 2, 4, 6... ebook kèm CD

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